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Industrial doors or roller shutter doors is a hard working piece of equipment by nature. A proper service at its time can prolong the life of any parts or door. We can service, repair and install roller shutter doors to keep your operation running smoothly.


roller shutter door

Roller shutter installations come with a variaty of options to suite your need. Roller shutters can be perforated, slotted or solid slats. If you require it, the colour can be matched to almost any colour you desire or just galvinised for a long life span.

Roller Shutter doors


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roller shutter repair

Getting the maximum life span out of your roller shutter it will need a service at least once ayear, this is dependand on usage off course. Like anything in an industrial setting, repairs needs to be done from time to time and we can assist with that too.


roller shutter automation

Rolling a door up by hand the whole time can be combursam to say the least or maybe you want to use your roller shutter as the main door. Automation can solve all those problems and with remote control options it can be as simple as a click of a button.


Port Elizabeth and surrounds

Repairs and automation



Cape Town metropole and surrounds

Installations, repairs and automation

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