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Introducing the Centurion Smart Series

Centurion entered the smart market with the D5 SMART. This motor is in simple terms the D5 EVO on steroids. They built on their experiences and what they had learned in over 30 years in the market and brought out a motor to meet the demand for a more smart lifestyle.

But what exactly does this smart motor offer you may ask ? Let’s take a look at the highlights of the D5 SMART:

  • Speed and safety: The D5 SMART can reach an impressive top speed of 36m per minute. This means less time waiting for your gate to open and close, which allows less time for tailgating, or intruders to enter your property.

  • SMART hardware: The motor is sleek , good looking and robust. The theft-resistant cage was also improved to provide extra security and peace of mind.

  • Vibration sensor that can be connected to a third party device to notify you in the event the motor is being tampered with.

  • Intelligent logging and reporting – including onboard diagnostics and SMART communication between the charger and controller. The D5 SMART provides feedback on the motors overall functioning and reports on events such as battery condition, last remote used, etc.

  • Longer battery standby which is definitely a huge plus with the load shedding in South Africa

And most important in terms of smart operations is the convenience to operate the motor from your phone via the smart app (especially for those of us who tend to misplace the remotes). You can also add / delete remotes, check the status of the system, etc.

Centurion has now taken all these features and smart technology and applied it to a few other motors in their stable. The following motors and equipment are the new editions to the SMART family:

  • D10 Turbo SMART

  • D10 SMART

  • D20 SMART

  • SD04 SMART (Tip up and sectional)

  • SMART Photon fully wireless beams

Smart beams

The SMART beams can be used with either smart gate or garage motors. And the definite advantage here is absolutely no wires. The have a range of up to 30 meters. The battery life of up to 2 years using standard AA batteries. There is early warning system for low battery. The units are sealed in outdoor rated enclosures to protect against rain and bugs. They can also be used in conjunction with the wired beams.

SD04 Smart

The SD04 motor is available for both tip up garage doors and sectional doors. It offers the same advanced diagnostics, and runs whisper quiet. It is also equipped with the vibration detection – which provides early warning against any door tampering.

Smart gate motors

The gate motors all boast the same impressive features as the D5 SMART. Below is a table highlighting the different speeds of the motors, and in which applications they would be best suited.

The smart series will be available on market very soon and will definitely change the scene in the garage door and gate automation market.

For further assistance or advice please feel free to reach out to us at the details below:

Cape Town: 078 949 8130

Port Elizabeth / Gqeberha: 063 462 4003



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