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The SDO4 SMΔRT Sectional Garage Door Operator is the perfect addition to any home.


With its reliable battery backup system, you can continue to use your garage door even during loadshedding. The built-in battery saver feature will automatically shut off the unit if the battery voltage drops too low, extending the life of the battery and preventing damage.


This operator also has the added advantage of being able to be charged using solar power, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Don't let power outages interrupt your daily life - upgrade to the SDO4 SMΔRT Garage Door Operator today.



  • Adaptive anti-crushing control
  • Battery-driven – ALWAYS on
  • Reliable DC motor
  • Lock in any position
  • Autoclose
  • Onboard receiver with code-hopping security
  • Door Service Monitor
  • Courtesy Light Control
  • Energy-saving technology

Centurion SD04 Smart Sectional Garage Door Motor

R4 900,00Price

Price includes standard installation. 

Standard installation excludes:
- Power point installation
- Beams and/or additional limits
- Any extra requirement not included in the installation kit

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