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The ET Nice Roll Up Garage Door Motor is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a cost-effective and reliable option for their residential Roll Up Garage Door. With advanced door load profiling and easy installation, this operator provides hassle-free operation for everyday household use and traffic.


The separate control box eliminates the need for physical limit switches, and the true battery backup ensures the operator is not dependent on battery power. The bright LED light, ET Blue Mix® Receiver (which is unhackable and uncrackable), door alarm monitoring, safety beam monitoring, electric lock control feature, and holiday lock-out, all contribute to improved security for your home.


Get the ET Nice Roll Up Motor for a seamless and secure experience for your Residential Roll Up Garage Door.




- COST EFFECTIVE residential roll-up door operator

- RELIABLE OPERATION through advanced door load

- No physical limit switches to setup

- A separate control box

- TRUE BATTERY BACK-UP (operator not battery dependant)

- BRIGHT LED courtesy light


- Door Alarm Monitoring

- Safety Beam Monitoring

- Electric lock control feature

- Holiday lock-out


Motor comes with the following:

- Power head and control
- Back up battery
- 2 remotes

ET DC Blue Advanced Roll Up Garage Door Motor

R4 100,00Price

Price includes standard installation. 

Standard installation excludes:
- Power point installation
- Beams and/or additional limits
- Any extra requirement not included in the installation kit

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