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We provide comprehensive insurance assessments for your Garage Door, Garage Door Motor, or Driveway Gate Motor equipment. Our team of experts will perform a full assessment of your equipment and provide you with a detailed report and estimate that can be easily submitted to your insurance provider.


Our insurance assessment process involves a evaluation of all the components of your equipment, including its structure, motor, and control system. We also assess any damages or malfunctions, and provide recommendations for necessary repairs or replacements.


With years of experience dealing with insurance companies, we understand the importance of your equipment and its role in securing your property, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and results.


For more information on insurers in South Africa and your garage doors, garage motors and gate motors you can visist this post,  Is your garage door covered by your insurance in South Africa?



Insurance Assessments/Quotes


A full assessment will be done which will include a estimate for the repair or replacement of equipment and a report.

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