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Sectional Garage Door Roller Wheels are a vital component of sectional garage doors. These parts help guide the door's movement, ensuring smooth and effortless operation.


Attached to brackets on the door sections, the roller wheels roll along the track, allowing the door to move smoothly. Made from materials like steel or nylon, they are designed to endure the repeated use of a garage door.


However, over time, worn or damaged roller wheels can cause issues such as noise, uneven door movement, or even door misalignment. Regular maintenance and lubrication can help prolong the lifespan of these parts and prevent any potential issues from arising.


A well-functioning set of roller wheels is crucial for a smoothly functioning sectional garage door system.


Please note: We only install complete sets

Sectional door wheels (set)

R1 950,00Price

Price includes standard installation. 

Standard installation excludes:
- Any additional parts needed to facilitate repair or replacement
- Any additional labour/work needed to facilitate repair

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