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Tip-Up Jam Arms are components used in tip-up garage door systems. They play a crucial role in supporting the weight of the garage door and keeping it in place when it is in the open position. Damaged hinges can cause the door to sag to one or cauase imbalence, worn out Tip Up Springs or springs that require tensioning can have the same effect.


The arms are mounted on the side of the door and are connected to hinges that allow them to pivot. This design allows the door to be lifted and held securely in the open position, providing easy access to the garage interior. 


They are an essential component of any tip-up garage door system, ensuring that the door operates smoothly and remains in place when it is open.


Please note: We only install in pairs ans springs are charged seperately

Tip Up Jam Arms (Pair)

R4 100,00Price

Price includes standard installation. 

Standard installation excludes:
- Any additional parts needed to facilitate repair or replacement
- Any additional labour/work needed to facilitate repair

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